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  • What areas do you service?
    Our team services ALL of Ontario. A transportation fee is added to each quote.
  • Is travel included in the pricing?
    Travel costs and accomodations (if required) will be included in your final quoted price.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes. We carry a two million dollar liability policy. If requested, we can add you to our policy as additionally insured.
  • When will you arrive to set-up?
    Our team likes to arrive two hours prior to the movie start time. This gives us ample time to unload and set-up your movie system.
  • Do you provide power?
    All backyard events will require one 15amp plug. All other events may supply power if available, or we can provide power at an additional cost.
  • What do you require to safely anchor the screen?
    That's a great question! We have several answers... 1. We will use stakes on any type of grass or sand, clear from any underground obstructions such as hydro lines, gas lines etc. If you're not sure what's under the ground, please click this weblink to book a "Locate".....Ontario One Call 2. We can provide our 55 gallon water barrel bins and have our water delivery truck fill the barrels onsite for an additional fee. Four barrels are required for the 12' and 16' screens and eight barrels are required for the 24' screen. 3. Four vehicles (one in each corner) can also be used as weights. 4. You can provide the required water barrels yourself at your own cost.
  • What happens if it rains or it's too windy?
    There are three scenarios... 1. Reshedule your event date based on our availability. 2. Prearrange a "rain date" Monday-Thursday only based on our availability. 3. Purchase a prearranged "rain date" for any day of the week, based on our availability.
  • What would cause our event to be rescheduled?
    For the safety of all your attendees, we would have to reschedule your event if rain is forecasted at 60% and/or wind gusts exceed 35mph. In these conditions, it would be very unsafe to proceed with an outdoor movie event. Usually we relook at the forecast at 3:00pm to make a final decision.
  • When will the movie start?
    Your movie will start at the end of "Civil Twilight" which is around 15-20 mins after sunset. Please make sure to check your date to see when sunset is scheduled for that day. Use this link to see when sunset will be in your area.....Ontario Sunset Calculator Here is an example of why we DO NOT start movies at sunset.
  • Can you obtain our movie license for us?
    No. Please visit these links to buy a movie license for your event. Both these companies offer movies from different production companies.
  • What format will the movie be played back?
    Another great question with a few answers.. 1. You can provide us with the original "hard copy" on Blu-ray/DVD or we will provide a digital copy. 2. Backyard events can provide a laptop for playback or original "hard copy".
  • Do you offer any discount for multiple bookings?
    Yes. We offer a 10% discount for bookings of three or more within the same season.
  • Do you require a retainer?
    Yes. We require a 30% retainer at booking and the balance is due two weeks prior to your event date. If your event is less than 14 days away, full payment is required at booking.
  • What payments do you accept?
    We accept Cheques, eTransfers or Credit Cards.
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